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ShobaSMSwan Acupuncture with Shoba Satya, L.Ac, EAMP

If you knew there was a form of medicine that would actually help you to get healthier and stay healthy without experiencing side effects, wouldn’t you want to give it a try?

We’re here because acupuncture is that medicine.

The benefits of acupuncture include management of pain and pain elimination. Acupuncture is an excellent treatment for back pain, sciatica, shoulder, knee and headache pain, arthritis, and recovery from surgery.

Acupuncture restores vital energy and dissolves stress.

It does this quickly, naturally and without side effects or toxic reactions.

Amongst the conditions Shoba has treated effectively with her patients is insomnia (she says,”First let me get you sleeping. Then everything else will heal more easily.”) She specializes in acupuncture for back pain. She especially likes to work with women in menopause and beyond. Acupuncture eases and smooths the way as the body/mind adapts to natural hormonal changes.

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From L. G.

This is a testimony of my positive healing experience while be treated by Shoba Satya.

My name is Lynn Grundmeier. I was recommended by a friend to contact Shoba in regard to my chronic pain issues. I have been under the care of Shoba for approximately ten weeks and I am extremely happy with the success of my acupuncture treatment.

Chronic low back, hip, knee and leg pain have plagued me for years. Chiropractic care has helped somewhat, but nothing has been nearly as effective as Shoba's treatments. On my second visit I walked into her office after work in extreme pain and barely able to walk. After the treatment I was thrilled and somewhat shocked that the pain had completely dissipated. I knew acupuncture could be a powerful healing remedy, but had no idea that such immediate pain relief would be possible. Although the pain did return to some extent, subsequent treatments have allowed me to be more pain free than I have been in years. The frequency and severity of the pain continues to lessen with each treatment and I am able to stay at my job without missing work due to pain. I am highly anticipating being pain free in a very short time!

Along with enjoying a state of less pain, I find Shoba to be a highly sensitive and intuitive being with a kind, listening heart. Our conversations and her reading recommendations have also contributed to my entire healing experience and have enriched my life.

I am so grateful to have met Shoba, being under her care is such a blessing and rewarding experience. What a positive and profound difference she and acupuncture has made in my life.

Thank You

L. G.

From E.

Hi, Shoba!

Thank you for all your help with my aches and pains (neck, knee and back), and overall health, including stress and anxiety. I feel so much better. Your gentleness, caring way and kindness make me feel very comfortable, and your knowledge brings a depth to each session that teaches me about my health so that I can take better care of myself. I appreciate you asking how I’m doing at the beginning of each visit and how you make adjustments to the session to address what is going on at the moment. I came to you for healing and I will continue to come to you for well being.

With gratitude,

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